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Journal name: Cassowary
Focus and Scope: Cassowary is a Scientific Journal of Management of Natural Resources and Environment, aims to disseminate research findings on environmental and natural resource management. The writings can be published in this journal can be shaped dissertations, theses, research reports, scientific papers and book reviews. Published twice a year, every Januari and Juni.
p-ISSN: 2614-8900
e-ISSN: 2622-6545
Acreditation: Sinta 4
SK Number: 5162/E4/AK.04/2021
Publication Frequency: Published on January and June
Url OAI: https://journalpasca.unipa.ac.id/index.php/cs/oai
Prefix Doi: 10.30862
Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. Ir. Barahima Abbas, M.Si (Scopus ID: 57201364727)
Style Mandeley: Style Cassowary
Publisher: Program Pascasarjana Universitas Papua

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Current Issue

Vol 7 No 2 (2024): Juni
Published: 2024-06-30


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