Author Guideline


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General Guidelines

Submitting manuscript to Cassowary Journal must be not previously published and must be not under consideration for publication in others journal. All of writers in a manuscript are expected to agree for submission to Cassowary: Journal of Post Graduate University of Papua and agree the order of authors' names. Corresponding authors are also expected to have an agreement from all authors to represent them during the process of editing and publishing the manuscript. To avoid plagiarism, authors are required to fill out and sign a Statement of Originality and attach it to the Upload Supplementary Files section when submitting the manuscript.

Cassowary Journal accepts manuscripts in Indonesian and/or English.

The manuscript must contain the following components of a scientific manuscript (subtitles in order), namely:

(a) TITLE (English and/or Indonesia language),

(b) Author's Name,

(c) Author affiliation,

(d) Author's address

(e) email authors,

(f) ABSTRACT and Keywords (in English or Indonesia language)





(l) ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (if any), and



Manuscripts can be written in Indonesian with a maximum of 10 pages including pictures and tables. Manuscripts must be written in A4 (210 x 297 mm) and with the left, right, top and bottom margins of 3 cm each. Manuscripts must be written in Times New Roman with 12pt font size in single space line and, split your text into two columns, except title, author affiliation, and abstract, keywords, in one column format. Foreign words are italicized. It is better to avoid using foreign terms for Indonesian texts. New paragraphs start 12.5 mm from the left border, while there are no spaces between paragraphs. All numbers are written with Arabic numerals, except at the beginning of sentences. Further explanation:


Manuscript Title

The title of the manuscript is written briefly, unadorned, and informative, and must indicate precisely the problem to be raised and does not allow for various interpretations. The maximum number of words in the title is 20 words. The title of the manuscript must not contain abbreviations. The title is written in Indonesian and/or English. The Indonesian title is written in Times New Roman font size 14, Bold, and single space. The English title is written in Times New Roman font size 12, and single space. The distance between the Indonesian and English titles is 12 pt (one time enter). ONLY the first letter at the beginning of the sentence is capitalized except for place names, people's names, Latin names.


Authors name

The author's name is written in full name without a title and not abbreviated, in Times News Roman font size 12. If there is more than one author, write the names of the authors separated by commas (,). If the author's name consists of only one word, write the actual name in one word. The author's name is written with a distance of 12 pt (one time enter) from the English title. Correspondence authors are marked with *. The editor will only communicate with the author of the correspondence.


Authors Affiliation and Authors Address

Author affiliation or author's institution name is written under the author's name with a distance of 12 pt (one time enter) from the author's name. Authors who are not in the same institution, must be marked with a footnote in the form of number 1) and so on as in the template provided. Foot notes are used only if the author is from a different institution. Affiliation is written by including the name of the department or study program and the name of the institution/institution, the author's affiliation is written in TNR letters, size 12 pt, regular.

The address of the author who is written is the address of the author's institution. The address written includes the name of the street, village, district, postal code, province and state. Each author who comes from a different institution, must write the address of the institution under the affiliation or name of the institution. An example: Post graduate of Environmental Science student, Post graduate, University of Papua, Jalan Gunung Salju Amban, Manokwari, West Papua, 98314, Indonesia

Food Crops Office of West Papua Province, Jalan Abrahamatururi (Arfai Office Complex) Manokwari Regency, West Papua, 98315, Indonesia



Author email address

Authors should include their respective email addresses and write them under the author's affiliation without any spacing.


Abstract and Keywords

Abstract in English is written using Times new roman (TNR) font, size 12 pt. The abstract is written in a maximum of 300 words, containing the essence of introduction in one sentence, aim, the essence of methods, the essence of results (new finding and/or synthetising), and conclusions in brief. Abstracts for each language may only be written in one paragraph in one column format. Line spacing is single space. Each article must have an English Abstract and/or an Indonesian Abstract.

Keywords are written under abstract with a distance of 12 pt from the last line of the abstract. Keyword maximum contains 5 keywords.



The introductory part is written with TNR, size 12, single space. Chapter titles such as INTRODUCTION, Materials and Methods, etc., are written in capital letters, bold print, Left Aligned. There is no space between the chapter title and the first line of the paragraph. The distance between the chapter title and the chapter subtitle is 12 points (one time enter in the computer keyboards). The contents of the chapters are written in left and right alignment. This rule also applies to the Research Methods, Results and Discussion sections, Conclusions, and Acknowledgments.


Materials and methods

The method section describes the research location, research design or approach used, research procedures, sampling or data collection techniques, and data analysis. The research procedure is written in a clear and concise manner. Exposure to data collection techniques must be clear and exposure to data analysis clear. Length 10-20% of the total length of the article. Times New Roman font, size 12, Space 1.


Results and Discussions

The results and discussion section contains a description of the research results which are presented briefly and clearly. Can be provided with tables, pictures/photos, graphs. The results and discussion are explanations, interpretations of research results that are associated with related theories or research results. Length 30-50% of the total article. The display of the results of data analysis is clear, can be with tables, graphs, pictures. Times New Roman font size 12 and single space.



The conclusion section contains the concrete results, finding, synthetising of the work which is written briefly and does not describe statistical language. The conclusion is not enumerative but narrative. Written using Times New Roman font size 12, spaced 1.



An acknowledgement is written shortly, such as acknowledgment to the funder along with the grant contract number if any.


All references referred to the citation in the text of the manuscript must be list in the references, and vice versa. The references must contain primary sources of scientific journals of at least 80% published in the last ten years. Each manuscript contains a minimum of 10 (ten) references and the writing is sorted alphabetically.  References are written in the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition reference style, using the bibliography management applications of Mendeley, Zotero, Refworks, Endnote, and Reference Manager.


Table and Figure

The table is presented in the form of an open table single space, font size 10 pt, Times New Roman. Each table must be given a table title and sequentially numbered and place above the table. Each table must be referred in the script.

Images are presented in groups of text with titles at the bottom of the image. Each image must be titled immediately below the image and numbered sequentially. Each image must be referenced in the manuscript.

Templates: Download Template

Manuscript Processing Fee

Authors whose manuscripts are declared published will be charged a fee of Rp. 500,000. Payment can be made by transfer to the Management Cassowary Journal account, Post Graduate University of Papua.